Customer Interface Preferences to Ecotourism Destination Website


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This study purpose was to investigate the customer interface combination preferences of tourist toward ecotourism destination website of Mt. Gede Pangrango National Park. Primary data resources obtained through the spread a questionnaire to youth tourists who several times visit this tourism destination and often observe its website. Data analysis techniques used is conjoint analysis. The results of this study show the customer interface attributes combination of preference base on 7 C framework are 1) Context of navigation, primary color, speed and layout. 2) Content attributes i.e. information, services, font, and picture. 3) Communication attribute are news letter, broadcast event, and contact placing. 4) Customization attribute of login and configuration. 5) Community group form. 6) Connection link to private management, government, NGO, private institution, community, related infrastructures. 7) Commerce attributes of registration consists of required preferences of user name, email address, and password combination.


Aryanto R, Trisnasari, Sarjono H and So I. G. (2014). Customer Interface Preferences to Ecotourism Destination Website. Advanced Materials Research, 905 (1), 706-710.


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Advanced Materials Research


Rudy Aryanto


  • Trisnasari
  • Haryadi Sarjono
  • Idris Gautama So

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