Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Research and Development (AI R&D) Center aims to accelerate research and development of AI in Indonesia. To achieve this goal, AI R&D Center opens up collaboration in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research between academics and industries. The researches conducted in AI R&D Center will be focused on the use of state-of-the-art technique in AI, called as Deep Learning, to solve various challenging problems.

Head of Research Center
Dr. Bens Pardamean

BINUS Anggrek Campus

Covers the application of AI for:
1. Genetic
2. Cancer Detection
3. Computer Vision
4. Satellite and Aerial Imagery Analysis
5. Video Analytics
6. Image Recognition
7. Natural language processing
8. Speech Recognition
9. Agriculture


For further information regarding collaboration, commercialization, or other research related partnership with Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Center, please visit their website or contact