Artificial Intelligence in Geospatial Economics (Geo-Eco AI)

RIG GeoEco-AI serves as a platform for advancing the integration of science and technology, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Geospatial field that affects the Economic and Financial situation. We will contribute through research initiatives, and actively engaging in educational and community service activities. RIG GeoEco-AI aims to serve as a forum bringing together geologists, economists, computer scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, financial analysts, and decision-makers from diverse government levels.

Dr. Ir. Alexander Agung Santoso Gunawan, S.Si., M.T., M.Sc., IPM, CIRR

BINUS Kemanggisan Campus

Geospatial AI:
Smart Agriculture, Disaster Mitigation, Internet of Things, Geo Demographic & Urban Studies, Transportation Management, Defense & Security, Digital Twin, Smart City, Blue Economy and Green Economy, Drone/UAV Technology

Financial Technology & Blockchain:
Investment Planning, Stock Market Forecasting, Automatic Trading, General Anomaly Detection, Security in Finance, Blockchain Techynology for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Official Statistics, Financial Ecosystem

Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (Geo-AI)
Artificial Intelligence in Economics (Eco-AI)

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