Consumer Behavior and Digital Ethics

Consumer Behavior and Digital Ethics (CBDE) is an epistemic community that uses multidisciplinary approaches to solve digital consumption problems and its ethical issues in societies. It was founded on concerns on the challenging goals of responsible consumption and production (SDG no. 12). It is also a bridge for the various interests of the pentahelix (industry, citizens, public authorities, academia, and NGOs) for driving ethical policies surrounding circular economy. This RIG are dealing with themes from codes that “speak more”, robots that “think and feel more”, digital monopoly, and digital democracy to the future of humans in the face of the technological revolution.

Prof. Dr. Juneman Abraham, S.Psi., M.Si.

BINUS Alam Sutera Campus

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) appropriation
2. Using data and resources morally
3. Adoption of disruptive technology responsibly
4. Personal information misuse
5. Deep fakes and false information
6. Corruption vs. Integrity in the digital era
7. Entrepreneurial decision-making
8. Acceptance of accountability
9. Respect customers and employees
10. Methods for influencing and forecasting consumer behavior
11. Psychographic factors of consumer behavior
12. Role of emotions in digital consumption behavior
13. E-democracy and netizen engagement
14. Responsible production and consumption
15 Modern monetary model


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