Optimizing Sales Using Mobile Sales Ticketing Application




Levels of consumer satisfaction be measured very important at this time. Variety of efforts, activities, and even science continue to be developed which are then used as a benchmark to improve customer satisfaction levels. Quality of service and the queue becomes very important to note the company to give satisfaction to the consumers especially in the business of cinema. Based on the same thing, which is by considering give satisfaction to the consumer, especially for consumers who have a hobby or a habit to watch at the cinema. Through the process of division of the questionnaire, the authors attempt to obtain and to know constraints and obstacles that occur in practice in the consumer getting a movie ticket. Through these activities, showed where the most common barrier is the number of queues that occur at the ticket counter, especially when watching in the days before the holiday or holidays. Consumers need to spend some time around 10 15 minutes to get the opportunity to purchase tickets. That is why the author tries to provide alternatives that are expected to be one alternative to overcome the problems experienced, particularly to overcome the inconvenience of the queue which provides consumers. Over its growing information technology, many companies looked at the use of technology in providing satisfaction to consumers. This opportunity was be utilized by the authors in developing a system-based mobile ticket sales. Based on the survey, in Indonesia there are about 230 million mobile. Therefore, market and business opportunities in the mobile application area are very positive today. The author developed mobile cinema ticket sales system on Androids as the basis operating system. The analysis and design of the mobile sales ticketing application is using object oriented analysis and design methodology.


So I. G, Ongowarsito H, Aryanto R and Andrew E. (2014). Optimizing Sales Using Mobile Sales Ticketing Application. 2014 International Symposium on Technology Management and Emerging Technologies (ISTMET), 6-13. Bandung, Indonesia: IEEE


Published On

2014 International Symposium on Technology Management and Emerging Technologies (ISTMET)


Idris Gautama So

Lektor Kepala

  • Henkie Ongowarsito
  • Rudy Aryanto
  • Erwin Andrew

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