Research and Technology Transfer Office

Research activity program and Community Service are an Obligation for every active university. Law on the National Education System (No.20/2003) article: 20, Law on the national university (12/2012), Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia Regulation No 44/2015 and Ministerial Regulation No: 20/2018 stated that Research conduction activity is an obligation for every active University. University needs lecturers that have an experience and talent in producing a research proposal, conducting a research and then publish their research or creating a product that will be useful for the advancement of study and science in order to fullfill their obligation to produces a research.  BINUS University’s commitment in organizing a research activity is reflected on one of BINUS University’s purpose and mission.

Bina Nusantara University’s task and commitment in order to oblige the constitution and ministerial regulation are operated by the Vice Rector. In order to produce research activities, publication and several various output in Binus University’s environment, A center/Division named Research Technological Transfer Office is created  with the purpose of Managing every research activity and publication from the  Institutional, Bioinformatics and data science (BDSRC) and several research groups according to their specific field of study.

Therefore, research Technology Transfer Vice Rector accountability report was created which functions as a media for accountability and obligation to  the Rector of Bina Nusantara University. These are fields/aspects that needs to be achieved by the Research Technology Transfer Office division:

  • Research
  • Publication
  • Journal
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Enrichment Program Research Track
  • Students Creativity
  • Research Interest Group

Binus University primary  vision is to be a “A world-class University in continuous pursuit of innovation and enterprise”. Binus University Plan for 2010 – 2020 period is to increase the quality of graduates in order to have them prevail in an international level of work environment in the global era and for binus to be accepted as a world class university by 2020. This vision is similar with one of the visions of institution which emphasizes on “World Class University that keeps doing innovations in the field of research and publication.

These are missions that have been appointed by Binus University for 5 years which will be converted into a research roadmap in order to realize Binus University’s Vision of becoming a world class university.

  1. Giving Recognition and awards for the creative and achieving lecturers and researchers which increase the value of Binus university
  2. Accomodate an experience in conducting an international level research which emphasizes on the new invention of Science, Innovation and Enterpreneurship
  3. Building a synergy between lecturers in order to produce a cross subject/field of study research
  4. Producing a Science and Technology based research as the main characteristic of Binus University
  5. Increase the quality of research which will be contributed to the advancement of Indonesia and international world

Tasks and obligations in fullfilling the Vision and Mission of Binus University are described in the structure of Vice Rector’s Research Technological Transfer Office Organization

Bioinformatics & Data Science (BDSRC) is a research center which applies the elements of Information and Technology in processing data from many fields of subjects, including biology, especially in the development and advancement of basic data, statistic and computing method, algorithm and theory to solve the problem that are discovered from data management and analysis

Publication Specialist is tasked to supervise the quality of Binus Journal archive in order to receive a national and international recognition in the form of accreditation from Higher education journal and Scopus indexed journal

Research Technological Transfer Office (RTTO) is a unit which is supervised by Research Technological Transfer’s Vice Rector with the purpose of creating a technical regulation, planning, monitoring , valuation and producing the report of Research Activities, Intellectual property Rights, book/journal and other research output and product commercialization from the research whether it is Personal level research or a Institution based research.