Palm Oil and Indonesia's Diplomacy

This research project examines how developing countries respond to the green protectionism initiated by developed countries. We use the case of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) enacted by the European Union (EU) throughwhich palmoil is categorised as an unsustainable product. This policy has an impact on reducing palmoil imports by European Unionmembers which hurts producing countries such as Indonesia. Thisarticle specifically examines the diplomatic strategy undertaken by Indonesia and Malaysia in dealingwith the European Unions green protectionismpolicy. We argue that the Indonesian and Malaysian government has enacted three main strategies in responding to EU green protectionism namely coalition formation among developing countries; the struggle through multilateral institutions; and the creation of a counter-narrative against the European Unions green protectionism. This research contributes to our understanding of strategies devised by developing countries against developed countries green protectionism.
Protectionism, European Union, Palm Oil
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  • Moch. Faisal, S.Sos., M.A., Ph.D

    Moch. Faisal, S.Sos., M.A., Ph.D

  • Dr. Muhammad Reza Syariffudin Zaki, S.H., M.A

    Dr. Muhammad Reza Syariffudin Zaki, S.H., M.A

  • Dian Novikrisna, S.Sos., MIS

    Dian Novikrisna, S.Sos., MIS