Enhancing Research Portfolios: BINUS Faculty Members Utilize SINTA

On May 17, 2024, BINUS University held a workshop titled “Pemanfaatan SINTA Untuk Portofolio BINUS Faculty Members” at Lab 630 on the Anggrek Campus. This event, specifically designed for BINUS faculty members, aimed to enhance their understanding and utilization of SINTA, a national indexing system for research and academic publications in Indonesia. The workshop provided a comprehensive overview of how SINTA can be leveraged to enrich faculty portfolios, increase research visibility, and contribute to academic advancement.

The event began with opening speeches from two esteemed BINUS University leaders. Prof. Dr. Juneman Abraham, M.Si., the Vice Rector of Research and Technology Transfer, highlighted the importance of research dissemination and the role of SINTA in elevating the university’s academic standing. Following him, Dr. Nurlina, M.M., the Senior Manager of the Research Office, emphasized the strategic initiatives being undertaken by the university to support faculty research activities and encouraged the participants to actively engage in utilizing SINTA for their professional growth.

A series of informative sessions were conducted by experts from the Research and Technology Transfer office at BINUS University. Brilly Andro Makalew, S.Kom., M.T.I., the Research & Empowerment Digital Specialist, provided insights into digital tools and strategies for maximizing SINTA’s potential. Ridhwan Bugiansyah Rasid, S.E., S.Kom., the Research Roadmap Section Head, discussed the alignment of research projects with the university‚Äôs goals. Elioenai Sitepu, Ph.D., the Commercialization Section Head, explored ways to commercialize research outputs, while Dr. Syauqi Abdurrahman Abrory, the International Publication Section Head, shared tips on enhancing the international reach of faculty publications. The event concluded with an interactive Q&A session, fostering a collaborative atmosphere and leaving participants better equipped to utilize SINTA effectively.

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Haryo Sutanto