BINUS Lecturer Working Meeting Promotes Multi- and Interdisciplinary Research

On November 10-11, 2023, the Faculty Members of BINUS University convened for a Working Meeting at the Bigland Hotel in Bogor, West Java. The focal theme of this gathering was “Strengthening Faculty Members in Harnessing Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence to Support the Integrated Acceleration of Catur Darma.”

Among the key sessions during the two-day event was the Multi/Interdisciplinary Research Consultation. Here, the faculty engaged in dialogues with the leaders of multidisciplinary research groups within BINUS University, including Research Interest Group (RIG) Leaders and Research Center (RC) Heads.

During this occasion, Prof. Dr. Juneman Abraham, M.Si., the Vice Rector for Research and Technology Transfer, alongside the heads of research groups and Research Interest Group leaders delivered a presentation on the essence and significance of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research. They illuminated the meaning and importance of these approaches in academic and research pursuits.

The discussions revolved around the understanding that multidisciplinary research involves the collaboration of scholars from various disciplines to address complex issues. Conversely, interdisciplinary research goes beyond collaboration, integrating insights and methodologies from multiple fields to generate comprehensive solutions.

The gathering not only facilitated discussions on theoretical aspects but also encouraged practical applications of these research paradigms. Participants exchanged ideas on how to synergize expertise across disciplines, align research goals, and create a conducive environment for interdisciplinary collaboration within BINUS University.

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Haryo Sutanto