[Call For Proposal 2023] Submission Proposal Penelitian Internal Binus T.A. 2023: 02 Des 2022 – 31 Jan 2023

Dear Faculty Members, 

In line with the activity of Binus Internal Research 2023 consisting scheme: 

  1. Binus Basic-Applied Research (PTB) 
  2. Binus International Research (PIB) 
  3. Binus Research for Nusantara (BRUN) 
  4. Binus Peduli Lingkungan (BPL) 

We would like to inform to all FM about the call for proposal for budget year of 2023: 

All Scheme: 

  1. Proposal Submission date December 2nd, 2022 to February 3rd 2023. 
  2. Cluster of Research Leader and member following the terms as in Binus Internal Research guidelines. 
  3. Research Leader must applying multidisciplinary field of knowledge and involving student. 
  4. All administrative document for Binus Internal Research 2022 should be completed. 
  5. All activity in the proposal for the year of 2023 will be conducted from March 1st 2023 until December 1st 2023. 
  6. Guidelines, LoA, and FM Research Roadmap template can be downloaded from https://bit.ly/3uiAlqV. 


PTB and PIB Scheme 

  1. Proposal submission from SIMLITBINUS (https://simlitbinus.apps.binus.ac.id).  
  2. For PIB Scheme, Letter of Agreement (LoA) document from international partner must be prepared before submitting the proposal. 


Points that needs attention before submitting the proposal in SIMLITBINUS such as: 

  1. All FM use binus.ac.id email account for username and password. 
  2. Before submitting research proposal, make sure the researcher profile is completed especially for NIDN, SINTA ID, and JJA. 
  3. Prepare the most up to date research roadmap which is inheriting study program research roadmap. In Simlitbinus, research roadmap can be uploaded in Image with JPEG extension (.JPEG) 
  4. After finalizing proposal submission in SIMLITBINUS, all FM must download the pdf version from SIMLITBINUS and make sure the completeness of the document submitted. 
  5. If you need supports in proposal submission, All FM can contact us by email with the subject “Kendala Submit Proposal SIMLITBINUS – Team Leader Name” 


BRUN dan BPL Scheme: 

  1. For BRUN and BPL Scheme, FM can submit the proposal via e-form: https://tinyurl.com/pendaftaranhibahbinus2023. 
  2. Proposal template can be accessed in this link: https://bit.ly/3uiAlqV.
  3. Approval in the proposal must be completely signed by Research Leader, RC/PIC Research, and Dean. It is allowed to used digital signature or e-sign. 
  4. For BPL Scheme, Research team must include 1 PIC from BINUS that is a member of Peduli Lingkungan program. 

Thank you for your attention. 

Warmest regards, 

Binus Research