7th Joint Call for Proposals of Science and Technology Innovation in The Thematic Areas of Sustainable Food Production and Climate Change : Resilience & Adaptation

The 7 th JFS Call aims at funding activities that join STI forces in Southeast Asia and Europe to find a solution for the impacts of climate change and support STI projects towards high quality, affordable and sustainable food production along the whole agri-food chain (production, harvesting, processing, transport and distribution

Application Rules and requirements

  1. Southeast Asia – Europe Joint Call Project consortia must comprise of at least 3 partners from 3 different countries fulfilling the 2+1 rule: Either 2 partners from 2 different Southeast Asian countries and 1 European partner or 2 partners from 2 different European countries and 1 Southeast Asian partner.
  2. At least 1 partner from each region must be eligible for JFS funding
  3. Each project consortium has to choose a Project Coordinator from among all partners of the respective project eligible for funding (partners participating on their own budget may not be coordinators)
  4. The required third partner can be funded by a funding organization from a country participating in the JFS or bring his own funding.
  5. The proposals have to cover the thematic areas of “Sustainable Food Production” or “Climate Change: Resilience and Adaptation” to enhance bi-regional cooperation and develop new partnerships as well as strengthen existing ones.
  6. Proposals for STI projects have to be submitted electronically using PT-Outline Web Tool, accessible through https://ptoutline.eu/app/jfs21.
  7. People who are eligible to apply are public legal RTD (Research and Technology Development) entities, higher education institutions, non-university research establishments, companies (all depending on National Funding Regulations). Eligibly criteria can be found in the respective National Funding Regulations.

Start of proposal: 15th of June 2021

Deadline: 15 October 2021 12:00 (noon) CET/ 05:00pm Bangkok time

Thematic Areas

1) Sustainable Food Production:

2) Climate Change: Resilience and Adaptation:


And for information please kindly visit this website: