Kaleidoscope 2020

Year End Closure by Vice Rector Research & Technology Transfer

2020 might be a difficult year for all of us. We were faced by a multitude of hardships and obstacles that compel us to do disparate endeavours that are out of our comfort zones. A lot of our research activities were hampered or delayed. However, as a BINUSIAN we continuously strive for excellence, and with our perseverance and integrity we triumph, and we keep our consistent steps to our future. Our vigour in research and innovation was burning as we march in this calamity. We manage to maintain respect to each other, and work hand in hand as one, showing the power of our teamwork. Every year we have different challenges that we ought to face. We do not know what might happen next year. We cannot predict what kind of unknown circumstances or hardship we might face next. But I encourage us to be adaptive and to never lose our determination as we know every effort of every Faculty Members are imperative to support the growth of our beloved institution, Bina Nusantara. Finally, I am very grateful for all of us, for all our brave efforts, our support to one another, and our SPIRIT in overcoming this year together. Please have my assurance that every personnel in Research & Technology Transfer will provide extra assistance to facilitate your research, publication, intellectual properties, and commercialization process in 2021. We shall conclude this year and remember it as one chapter in our life, and let us open a new page to start our new chapter in 2021.

Prof. Dr. Tirta N. Mursitama, Ph.D.
Vice Rector Research and Technology Transfer
Bina Nusantara University

Haryo Sutanto