[Expired] CALL FOR PROPOSAL: AIS Joint Research Program 2020

The Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum is a platform designed for AIS countries to collectively address sustainable development issues and is Inclusive of AIS countries around the world regardless of their region, size or level of development. The development of concrete cooperation between AIS countries is focused on four areas of collaboration, which Includes climate change mitigation and adaptation, the blue economy, marine plastic debris, and good maritime governance.

The AIS Forum acknowledges the need for strong international cooperation is further necessitated by the high degree of vulnerability AIS countries face due to geographic circumstances, particularly In regards to the following Issues: climate change, natural disasters, marine pollution, marine plastic debris, unsustainable fisheries, and general marine sustainability. Furthermore, if these shared issues are not addressed promptly they can undermine the socio-economic condition of AIS countries. Therefore, the AIS Forum aims to provide tangible solutions to the shared development and environment related challenges affecting AIS countries based on a cooperative multi-stakeholder approach.

The academic community represents a critical stakeholder for the AIS Forum, as they play a significant role in knowledge generation through research and innovation. Consequently, the AIS Forum aims to engage with the academic community and other relevant stakeholders to utilize their expertise for the development of practical solutions to environmental issues affecting AIS countries. The Joint Research Programme, agreed upon at the 2nd AIS Forum Ministerial Meeting in 2019, is the AIS Forum mechanism to bring together international researchers and will be implemented in 2020. Specifically, this programme provides grants to researchers affiliated with one or more academic institutions based in AIS Forum participating countries, such as universities, research institutions and think tanks. The research findings from this programme are expected to be presented at the High-Level Meeting of the AIS Forum in November 2021.


USD 30,000


The proposed Joint Research Project must be conducted by at least two universities or academic institutions from different AIS Forum participating countries. Each research team must be led by one or more senior researchers or experienced faculty members working on related research at relevant universities.

The grants for this Joint Research Programme aim to promote applied research that creates practical solutions to development and environment related challenges affecting AIS countries. Accordingly, the Joint Research Programme will target projects that fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Tangible research plan with a proposed innovative approach.

  2. Explanation of clear competitive advantages with added value.

  3. Complete budget plan specifying how project funding will be used.

  4. Assembled interdisciplinary research team, with prioritization given to those with linkages to the private sector (end-users).


The specific objectives of the programme are as follows:

  1. Fostering competitive research and development initiatives between AIS Forum participating countries through cooperative working relationships to create new or further develop existing market-oriented technologies, products or services.

  2. Promoting and implementing smart and innovative solutions through the development of a collaborative research and innovation platform for academic stakeholders in AIS Forum participating countries.

  3. Identifying and integrating relevant activities and expertise of AIS Forum participating countries Into a framework of international cooperation—with an emphasis on the four main AIS Forum thematic areas.

  4. Establishing academic networks between AIS Forum participating countries through stakeholders such as: universities, think tanks, civil society organizations, and other relevant institutions.

  5. Promoting applied research in sustainable development by linking research findings to needs in the private sector.


Permissible areas of research include topics in one or more of the four AIS Forum thematic areas, including but not limited to:

  1. Climate change mitigation, adaptation and disaster management.

  2. Economic challenges and opportunities within the Blue Economy, responsible and sustainable fisheries and aquaculture practices, and economic growth and the creation of decent work opportunities.

  3. Sustainable alternatives to conventional plastic production or waste management technologies.

  4. The formation of marine protected areas through effective policy measures that are socially and ecologically responsible.


The joint research proposal should consist of a proposed methodology, approach, and quality assurance protocols. Additionally, a research plan Is required that identifies the specific components of the proposed activities by providing a detailed description of all essential activities that will support the research project as well as how the research outputs will be addressed. The applicants should complete the annex 1 document In a proposal format and Include the following elements: information about participating organizations, a brief description of the research proposal, a situation analysis, an outline of the research strategy, details of the expected output and the sustainability of the research output, a workplan, a summary of the research personnel, and a summary of the budget.


Details of the proposed budget should be written in the annex 2 document and Include a budget for each Individual project component, a summary of personnel and an activity timeline. Requested budget items must be justified and related to the research activities.

The grant will cover the main activities of the research project, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Research management

  • Fieldwork, data collection and processing

  • Domestic and International travel (if necessary)

  • Intellectual property protection

  • Communication and the dissemination of research project findings

The grantee is responsible for all financial reporting pertaining to the utilization of the grant as will be defined in the grant agreement. Appropriate evidence that reported activities were completed should be attached to the report, such as photographs, copies of boarding passes, meeting minutes, sign in sheets, etc.


The proposed research project needs to demonstrate it is of high scientific value and aligns with one or more of the four main AIS Forum thematic areas. It should also aim to enhance the well-being and livelihoods of local peoples and to preserve coastal and marine ecosystems. Furthermore, the applicants should explain why their research project would benefit from having the cooperation of  multiple parties as well as how the proposed research activities will be implemented cooperatively.


The Joint Research Programme must be completed within 12 months, starting from September 2020 to October 2021.


All applications submitted under the category of Joint Research Project shall be reviewed by independent expert committees—coordinated and facilitated by the AIS Forum. The expert committees will consist of representatives from UNDP Indonesia, the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment (Republic of Indonesia), and the UK Embassy in Indonesia.

The independent expert committees will review proposals through a five-step process:

  1. Determination of eligibility.

  2. Technical review of eligible proposals.

  3. Scoring of the eligible proposal based on the assessment criteria outlined in the previous section.

  4. Round of clarification (if necessary) with the highest scored proposal.

  5. Letter of Agreement signed.


The intellectual property rights for the output/solution generated by the Joint Research Programme rests with the grant recipient on the condition that the grantee agrees to give UNDP and the AIS Forum Secretariat an irrevocable, unlimited, cost-free license to use the solution in its programmes. The grant recipient retains the right to use the solution for its own commercial benefits.


Joint research proposals, with supporting documents, should be submitted no later than 31 July 2020. Late and incomplete applications shall not be accepted.

Estimate Selection Process Timeline

Below is an estimated timeline for the current Call for Proposals.

31 July 2020                             : Last date for acceptance of applications.

1–21 August 2020               : Assessment and selection process will take place.

31 August 2020                     : Selected applicants will be notified.


Registration could be done by clicking the register button below and as a back up, send us the completed application to secretariat@aisforum.org with the subject line of “AIS JOINT RESEARCH PROPOSAL – NAME OF THE INSTITUTIONS – COUNTRIES”. The submission must consist of:

●     Annex 1 document

●     Annex 2 document

We only require one joint research proposal to be submitted from each research team.

For further detailed information please visit Source Link or contact research@binus.edu