[Expired] Toray Science and Technology Research Grant 2019

Qualification of Candidate:

  1. A research team consists of minimum of 2 (two) researchers.
  2. Energetic and creative young Indonesian researchers, in a team both Principal and Co-Investigators aged below 45 on January 1, 2020.
  3. Residing in Indonesia, engaged in research and/or science based innovation in Science and Technology, excluding mathematics, clinical medicine and social sciences.
  4. Principal investigator is eligible for only 1 (one) proposal submission in the same fiscal year.
  5. Candidate can only receive STRG twice, not in a consecutive year. For those who received previous STRG, current submitted proposal should be a continuation of previous research.
  6. Candidate should carry out research mainly in Indonesia.

STRG is provided annually for the duration of one year year for research which has not been completed at the time of proposal submission. ITSF will provide a total amount of approximately IDR 700 million for 2018 calendar year in grants of up to IDR 50 million per approved proposal. This research grant is partly supported by Toray Science Foundation Japan. Any ensuing intellectual property rights resulting from this research will not be claimed by Toray Science Foundation.

Application Procedure

The applicant should complete the application form supplied by ITSF and send 5 (five) copies of the completed form, bound with a transparent plastic cover to ITSF. (Form is on the site below)

The proposal is only submitted to ITSF (,Senayan, Kebayoran Baru) and not to other research funding agencies in the same fiscal year.

Proposal Deadline

The completed forms should be received by ITSF before 31 August 2019.\

Link: http://cs2.toray.co.jp/news/id/itsf_newsrrs01.nsf/id/7FE3122C9F198BA4492583F900266C20