Benchmark Visit to LPPM Diponegoro University

Research and Technology Transfer Bina Nusantara University (RTT Binus) visited LPPM Diponegoro University (LPPM Undip)  for a benchmark visit. RTT Binus was welcomed by the Head of Sub-Section of Program and Evaluation LPPM Undip, Hamami, S.H.

The visit is a part of the visit to Vice Rector IV Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ambariyanto, M.Sc. In LPPM Undip, RTT Binus also had a fruitful discussion with the Head of LPPM Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Heru Susanto, S.T., M.M., M.T

RTT Binus appreciate the opportunity to visit LPPM Undip and the warmest welcome by Vice Rector IV Undip and the Head of LPPM Undip. RTT Binus would apply the inputs at its scale.


Binus Research 2019

Benchmark Visit Team
Prof. Dr. Tirta N. Mursitama, Ph.D.
Nurlina, S.Kom., M.M.
Anindito, S.Kom., M.TI.
Haryo Sutanto, S.S.

Video Content Reviewer: Prof. Dr. Tirta N. Mursitama, Ph.D., Nurlina, S.Kom., M.M.

Video Content Editor: Haryo Sutanto, S.S.

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Haryo Sutanto