[Expired] Binus Excellent Research Grant Opportunity

In order to create a research excellence , Bina Nusantara University considers that they need to provide a specific research program which focuses on the University Excellence Program Study which correspondence with the Strategic Planning of Binus University research aspect in order to create and increase the number of excellence type research in the university environment. This research needs to be directed and guided with financial support from the University and the Stakeholders whom either have a direct or indirect interest with the research project. The aim of this project is to create a technological innovation in the excellence field of study and social engineering in order to improve the advanced development of society. The

purposes of Binus Excellence Research Grant are to: Create a partnership between researchers on their specific field of study in order to increase the quality of Bina Nusantara university’s research, To help attaining the goal of Bina Nusantara University Research’s Strategic Planning, Building a synergy between University’s Researches and the policy and Create a local/national/international programs through the Expert from university, facilites that are created from the result of a research conduction or the local resource.


Grant Requirement and Criteria
These are the criteria and procedures to submit the proposal:

  1. The Researcher should be a lecturer of Bina Nusantara University;
  2. Research team should consists of 3 – 5 people (One research team leader and two members at minimum );
  3. Research Team Leader should be an FM-STR (Faculty member and Structural) ;
  4. Research Team Leader should possess at least a S3 (Doctoral Degree) or S2 (master degree) for head lecturer
  5. Research Leader should possess a Doctoral Degree (S3)
  6. Research team should possess an excellent track record in the field of study that would be observed;
  7. The research is a long term/multi-year type research which spans for 3 years;
  8. Research team could change it’s member every year to correspondence with it’s needs
  9. The research should involve at least 1 student from a specific field of study;
  10.  Every researchers are only allowed to submit one proposal, whether as a research leader or a research member. if a researcher already submit a proposal for Applied grant research scheme then he/she is prohibited to submit a proposal for Excellence grant research scheme
  11.  Researcher should not have any negative track record in their previous research activity;
  12.  Mention the target journal for SCOPUS publication;

Grant Reward
Here are the yearly budget for every one research proposal :

  • Rp. 100.000.000 at maximum For first year
  • Rp. 200.000.000 at maximum,For second year
  • Rp. 200.000.000 at maximum,for third year



  1. First year Deadline for Binus Excellence Grant Research Final Report 2018:
    15 December 2018
  2. Deadline for Binus Excellence Grant Research proposal 2019:
    12 – 30 November 2018 (Tentative)
  3. Announcement for Binus Excellence Grant Research proposal 2019:
    14 December 2018 (Tentative)
  4. The execution of Binus Excellence Grant Research 2019:
    3 January – 15 December 2019 (Tentative)
  5. The Monitoring and Evaluation for Binus Excellence Grant Research 2019:
    15 – 30 August 2019 (Tentative)
  6. The first year deadline for the new proposal Binus Excellence Research Grant 2019 and the second year for continued Binus Excellence Grant Research 2018:
    15 December 2019


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For further detailed information please visit Source Link or contact research@binus.edu