Final Report Submission for 2018 Bina Nusantara University Applied Grant

Researchers should submit their Applied Grant’s final report no later than 15, December 2018

These are the files that should be submitted :

  1. Final Report (Endorsement page should be signed by Research Team Leader, Dean and RTTO Vice Rector)
  2. Scientific Article
  3. Submission Evidence
  4. Enrichment Page (Enrichment Page must be signed by research team leader, SCC and Hod/Hop)
  5. Enrichment
  6. Product Evidence

Final Report and Enrichment Page template could be downloaded on on the guidance section (on the top right)

Scientific Article, Submission Evidence, Enrichment and product evidence would have a free format (format made by the researchers themselves).

Final report should be submitted no later than 15 Desember 2018, Submitting the final report after 15 december would affect the researcher’s track record and credibility in future research grant

Chantika Rezki Fitri