BINUS University is committed to becoming a world-class knowledge institution, by delivering high academic quality and producing high impact research in the areas of science, technology, engineering, the social sciences, and the arts and humanities. Dissemination of research, sharing knowledge, and developing new ideas through academic conferences is a key element of realizing this vision. In this vein, we proudly present the BINUS Joint International Conference (BJIC) to be held from the 3rd to the 8th of September 2018.

The BJIC consists of 8 unique and integrated conferences that reflect the state of the art in engineering, computer science, game application, business, management, the social sciences and the arts and humanities. These conferences will provide you opportunities to present your current research, share knowledge and experiences, discuss new ideas, meet like-minded scholars and broaden your international networks.

Presenters and participants are based on their research interests and expertise. The International Conference on Eco Engineering Development (ICEED), International Conference on Computer Science and Computational Intelligence (ICCSCI), International Conference on Information Management and Technology (ICIMTECH) and International Conference on Game, Game Art and Gamification (ICGGAG) conferences relate to the fields of science, technology and engineering, while the International Conference on Management, Hospitality, Tourism and Accounting (IMHA), International Conference Advanced Management and Information Technology Services (@MITS) and International Conference on Social Science, Law, Arts, and Humanities (ICSSLAH) conferences cater to the fields of business, management, the social sciences and the arts and humanities.

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