Analisa Pendekatan Baru Pada Iklan Komersial


In digital era where the target audience is no longer able to be touched with the linear messages, oneway or forced to understand what is ordered in a simple ad. Without in-depth follow-up blended with the characteristics of consumer, where they live, what changes have taken place, activity perikalanan ordinary just a wasted. This is what we often hear from the observer of advertising and creative people. For the majority of consumers in Indonesia, it is no longer effective advertising only to strafe message has been repeated to finally embedded in the memory of an advertised product, but consumers have been in a state that allows them to believe what is referenced their community. The emergence of Internet-line application by way of grouping, greatly accelerate the election of consumer characteristics. This community era finally formed new expectations in the current advertising approach Shall ads remain in a state of old patterns with the same creative approach? Or has become a new urgency to change the approach to advertise and leave the old method, of course, will be proved after this research done.


digital era, community, advertising approach

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  • Noor Latif CM

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