Package Plug-In R Untuk Pemetaan Autokorelasi Spasial Kualitas Air

This study aims to create a plug-in package R to give the user the ease of mapping the spatial autocorrelation through LISA test. The spatial autocorrelation is one of the spatial analyses to determine the pattern of the relationship or correlation between the locations (observation). Characteristics of groundwater quality in some locations were spatially interconnected. This is shown by the dependency among locations of the water quality. Spatial autocorrelation would be more informative if presented in the form of mapping that is made into the form of an application program. Program evaluation is done using water quality (inorganic compound) in Jakarta. The inorganic compound was Cadmium (Cd). Total sample were 10 locations. The results showed that the application program can generate LISA test and mapping properly. The name of package is AutocorrelationTest _1.0.zip which run in R Deducer. This package build in R Deducer and R Studio, which supported by R and Rtools. LISA test results showed that the area of in west, north, and east of Jakarta have a P value smaller than the other area. Therefore, it can be conclude that Cd levels in the region have a dependency relationship between locations. More detail, there are two sample locations that significantly affect other locations at a = 5%, the first sample in West Jakarta and East Jakarta seventh sample
Package plug-in R, mapping, Autocorrelation test, LISA test, water quality
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  • Dra. Heruna Tanty, M.Si.

    Dra. Heruna Tanty, M.Si.

  • Dr. Ir. Edy Irwansyah, S.T., M.Si., IPM, ASEAN Eng.

    Dr. Ir. Edy Irwansyah, S.T., M.Si., IPM, ASEAN Eng.

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