Optimization for Multi-Objective Scheduling of Medical Personnel and Resources in Hospital Using Heuristic Approaches

Health is one of the main components that support the activities of human life and has a huge investment value to the quality of human resources in a country. Health care will be one of the largest industries in the world. However, resources in a hospital for health care are usually insufficient to meet the patient's demand since the number of medical personnel and resources are limited. Therefore, policy makers and healthcare providers must think a strategy how to provide the most effective health care to the community using the limited medical personnel and resources. It is well known that the key success in hospital management.is how to scheduling of medical personnel and resources. Scheduling problem in hospitals can be categorized into four major classes namely physicians, residents, nurses and resources scheduling. These scheduling usually have two types of constraints namely hard constraints (H) and soft constraints (S) where the hard constraints are a set of specific constraints that must be fulfilled at any time because these constraints guarantee no conflict in the use of available resources and equipment to obtain feasible scheduling while the soft constraints are a set of specific constraints that to be used in improving the quality of the scheduling. Instead of conventional scheduling in hospitals, researchers have proposed scheduling models for physicians, residents, nurses and resources using mathematical models. Conventional scheduling is usually a time consuming process and uses manual approach in arrangement in hospital scheduling. However, those proposed models cannot be used directly in other hospitals since each hospital has different characteristics and complexities. It is noticed that their developed scheduling of physicians, residents, nurses and resources somewhat works separately that cannot applicable since physicians, residents, nurses and resources work synergize in practice. In this research, a novel multi-objective scheduling model is proposed to overcome the limitations of the previous hospitals scheduling models. The proposed model involves all medical personnel scheduling and also optimize the utility of resources in hospitals simultaneously. As case studies, our proposed model will be developed based on characteristics and complexity of Indonesian/Malaysian hospitals in order to improve quality and efficiently in daily operations. Furthermore, several modifications of heuristic techniques are also developed to obtain the best scheduling in hospitals management.
Healthcare, heuristic, hospital, medical, multi-objective, nurse, optimization, physician, resident, resources, scheduling.
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Penelitian Dasar
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  • I Gede Putra Kusuma Negara, B.Eng., PhD

    I Gede Putra Kusuma Negara, B.Eng., PhD

  • Dr. Eng. Antoni Wibowo, S.Si., M.Kom., M.Eng

    Dr. Eng. Antoni Wibowo, S.Si., M.Kom., M.Eng