Multi-modal Medical Data Analysis Pipeline

The main objective of this research is trying to overcome the current challenge in medical informatics research which is the integration of data analysis from multiple sources such as clinical record, X-ray, MRI, and genomic screening. This integration can potentially provide a good quality knowledge base that can support physicians decision making that leads to the enhancement of health services quality. Another angel that can be exploited in this research is data security and data privacy issues. This research is also intended to take lessons from current implementation of medical informatics research in developed countries so that it can be adopted and modified for other use-cases in developing countries. This research can be theoretically give a new perspective in combining all available medical-related data to generate a good quality knowledge base. While practically it can be a guidance for any health institutions to implement technologies that can enhance their services.
AI, health informatics, medical informatics, data integration, machine learning
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Hibah Terapan Binus
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  • Siti Safariana Rahmawati, S.Kom., M.TI.

    Siti Safariana Rahmawati, S.Kom., M.TI.

  • Arif Budiarto, S.Kom, M.Sc.

    Arif Budiarto, S.Kom, M.Sc.