A Decision Support System For The Marketing : Case Study At PT. Autochem Industry


In information era, the development of business and product must align with the policy and organization strategy. To adapt the needs of business, organization must flexible in aligning the business strategy with Information Technology. Even the business process are getting complex, the business itself will raise the entry barrier for new entrance and other rival to follow and imitate the process. This condition will make organization always need information system in supporting their analysis to make an organization decision for operational and strategic. The organization development will raise the need of information system. The management needs information more comprehensive and related to many stakeholders, internal and external. The existence of Business Analysis will create business intelligence to get the business data more detail, analyze and transform the data into the information needed by management. By using the data from business intelligence, management can make a strategic decision and make a business projection more accurate. In certain condition, the role of information system is very important especially when the scale of organization getting bigger and they needs information support to their organization development. At this time, the needs of information system is lack of the expert and competence analyst in implementation. The goal of this paper is to create Decision Support System to help management to get solution to their marketing needs to serve more customer or client. The success of their business is depend on management capability to get the opportunity and take advantage in their dynamic and unpredictable environment. Management should consider the external factor which is uncertain and take a prevent action. They do data identification, process data to get information to lowering the threat and find the opportunities. The information will increase their competitive advantage and bring organization to better position among rival competitors.


DSS, Decision Support System, Retail

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  • Stephen G. Kurnia

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