Eksplorasi Gambaran Brand DNA Berdasarkan Persepsi Mahasiswa Non-Aktivis dalam Rangka Mengelola Sustainable Competitive Advantage di BINUS University Jakarta


Competition between universities as providers of services in the field of education has become increasingly competitive. Therefore, a university it is necessary to create a distinctive competitive edge that is by the management of the main attributes and brand identification of DNA (Dimensional Nucleic Assets) university. It is considered important as a basis for the formation of consumers' perceptions of the university so that they are more interested in choosing college over there. Similarly with the brand DNA, further the university can build trust and increase customer loyalty to be superior. The authors feel the need to explore the DNA brand overview university student based on the perception of non-activist Binus University, Jakarta. Therefore, in order to manage the sustainable competitive advantage of Binus University in Jakarta, the authors wanted to determine whether the student is a non-activist difficult to interpret specific values (brand DNA) universities or not. The method used in this study is a qualitative method, which the researchers conducted semi-structured interview technique to ten students / i non-activists in Binus University, Jakarta. Respondents were selected by theoretical sampling technique and purposive sampling. The results of the acquisition of the data is processed through two stages of the study (t0 and t1), then analyzed using content analysis and discussion (outcome space) in depth. The analysis showed that brand DNA after relevanced with the attributes of a major university (ie aspects of reputation, variety of courses, achievement and price) are assessed overall well by the respondents have resulted in findings of brand DNA positive in mind the mind of students of non-activists. However, some respondents found the car parking facilities are very limited, access to the campus location are narrow and jammed, the availability of text books in the library are minimal. Some suggestions are given based on the findings of the research.


Brand Equity, Brand Identity, Brand DNA, Atribut Utama Universitas, Qualitative, Competitive Advantage, Sustainability, Binus University Jakarta

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