Resepsi Dan Persepsi Tentang Korupsi: Mengungkap Habitus Korupsi Melalui Karya Seni


This paper examines how Iwan Fals criticizes corruption and capitalism in one of his songs, Rekening Gendut. This song serves as a counter-culture against the plague that has been around since feudal era. Research shows that Iwan Fals talks and criticizes corruption by pointing how money and greed controls the politics especially during election, in which this habit has been around since feudal era, making it a serious matter that needs to be taken consideration to in order to help Indonesia to be a better country. The researchers also give a questionnaire to English Department students of BINUS University, with questions related to corruption and the song. The research shows that the research shows that some students still think that corruption in Indonesia is bad, but not that bad, while some (11%) think that corruption is just an exaggeration made by the media. Nobody in the survey thinks that songs about corruption will significantly diminish the habit of corruption, yet some (70%) still hope that it will somehow help diminish corruption. While some (15%) still think that musicians dont really criticize corruption when they write a song about it, its just how they make a living. Most (33%) think that the song Rekening Gendut is nice and accurately written about the danger of corruption in Indonesia, yet some (19%) still think its just how he makes his living, by criticizing corruption through songs.


Iwan Fals, Rekening Gendut, corruption, capitalism, counter culture

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