Faktor Kepuasan Penggunaan ERP Education (Studi Kasus : Academics Business Operations)


This study is intended as the evaluation tool for universities in implementing ERP systems. ERP implemented with the aim of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization's business processes. Therefore, an adequate evaluation can help an organization measuring the achievement of the performance of ERP system implementation project. The study is divided into three parts, the first exploration of the ERP system implementation success factors in college, the second part did eksploarasi the benefits and barriers to the implementation of ERP in college and the third is to conduct an assessment of user acceptance of the implementation of ERP systems. The first part and the second part is done with the approach of the Systematic Literature Review of publications obtained through search of Google Scholar. While the third part is done by distributing questionnaires to the user directly by comparing between expectation and reality on the implementation of Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system (OPCS) with measurements specific to the business process curriculum.


ERP, OPCS, Google Scholar

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