Dialect Prejudice: Language Attitude of English Teachers toward Local Dialect of Spoken English in ESL Class


The research focuses on the existence of dialect prejudice in EFL class. The observation is done by exploring the perception that the English teachers hold toward Standard English and their attitude toward local dialect of spoken English in EFL class. This research is intended to be a pilot study to observe dialect prejudice in small scale. Later on, dialect prejudice exploration in EFL class can be done in national scale to see whether or not a dialect awareness curriculum for language teaching in Indonesia needs to be formulated. The data are collected through questionnaires which are distributed to the English teachers in Solo to explore their language attitude and prescription. Solo is considered as a precise location to carry out a pilot study observation about local dialects of Spoken English in EFL class. The thick Javanese dialect possessed by most of teachers and students in the city will be a prominent observational tool to explore the existence of dialect prejudice in ESL class.


dialect prejudice, language attitude, EFL

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  • Abdul Aziz Turhan Kariko

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