Partisipasi Wanita di Lingkungan Kerja: Kajian terhadap Pemberdayaan Wanita (Woman Empowering) di Jepang dan Indonesia

Today, gender inequality is one of the big issue among the woman in the world. Japan, as a one of industrial countries, is also facing this problem. Japanese prime minister ,Shinzo Abe , tried to solve this gender discrimination through the slogan of Womanomics. This policy encourage Japanese single women and housewives to participate in workplace. Japanese government also provide some regulations to protect them from internal and external problems . One of the new regulation is teleworking or work from home. Indonesia, which is currently heading towards to the era of industrial country, should learn from the problems and reforms that are being done by the Japanese government in terms of gender equality. In 2016 Indonesian government introduced a policy of woman and children protection called Three Ends. This study will describe and analyze the participation of women in the workplace, the problems and solutions in Japan and Indonesia.. The research methodology is qualitative approach, literature, descriptive , comparative and analytical. The results of this discussion concluded that women, especially housewife, is still facing many barrier in their carrier.
woman empowerment , teleworking, workplace, housewife, Japan, Indonesia
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Penelitian Strategis Nasional
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  • Sri Dewi Adriani, S.S., M.Si.

    Sri Dewi Adriani, S.S., M.Si.

  • Ratna Handayani, S.S., M.Si.

    Ratna Handayani, S.S., M.Si.

  • Bens Pardamean, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D

    Bens Pardamean, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D