Local Content Multimedia For Teaching Speaking (A Case At 2nd Semester Students Of Binus University)

Teaching speaking for college or university students needs a consideration about the material including the culture. Most of the material for speaking English nowadays is based on the culture of the native language, such as British, American and Australian. Very few use the local content in the material. It means that there is a gap between the target language and the experience of the students. This research is grounded in the learning strategy in which students have to be active in expressing themselves based on their experiences. The expressions can be explored when they have experiences to share. Based on the background, an interesting material is needed. Therefore, material development should dig up the authenticity of students experiences. The experiences are local content including tourist attractions, and culinary which are very familiar for them. The purpose of the research is to find out whether teaching speaking for undergraduate students which places the local content is effective. The other purpose is to find out whether students learning speaking using the animation film are able to express the culture of Indonesia using English appropriately. The method used was by applying animation video in teaching. The participants were asked to videotape their conversation using the expressions targeted and upload in the Facebook group. The conversation then was analyzed. The result shows that the students used the targeted language and explore the students experiences about Indonesia culinary and tourist destination.
Multimedia animation, local content, teaching speaking, language expression, conversation
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  • Dra. Wiwik Andreani., M.Hum.

    Dra. Wiwik Andreani., M.Hum.

  • Melania Wiannastiti, S.Pd., M.Pd.

    Melania Wiannastiti, S.Pd., M.Pd.

  • Drs. Bambang Gunawan

    Drs. Bambang Gunawan