Datawarehouse sales and supply of goods model based on HTML5


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The purpose of this study was to conduct an analysis of sales and inventory systems that exist in the company, then designing a data warehouse for PT. Delta Djakarta, Tbk. to support the decision-making process in estimating the number of sales in the future, then found the existing problems and provide solutions to the company so that the company can overcome the existing problems and provide the best service to its customers. The method used in this research is a nine step methodology that is a model of systematic data warehouse in building data warehouse with through the stages of choosing the process, choosing the grain, identifying and confirming the dimension, choosing the facts, storing pre-calculation in the fact table, rounding out the dimension table, choosing the duration of the database, tracking slowly changing, deciding the query priorities and the query modes. The results of this study are the form of websites using HTML5 and data a warehouse information extraction model that provide sales and inventory companies and an application that can be used for all trading companies that sell products finished material. The conclusions obtained from this research is a data warehouse models and applications that can help executives (stakeholders) in obtaining the multidimensional report, where the report can be directly obtained by performing customized according to the wishes of stakeholders as a decision maker.


Ricky M. Y. (2014). Datawarehouse sales and supply of goods model based on HTML5. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 61 (1), 175-182.


Data Warehouse, Nine Step Methodology, HTML5

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Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology


Michael Yoseph Ricky

Asisten Ahli

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