Tinjauan terhadap model bisnis penyelenggaraan penyiaran TV digital


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TV broadcast systems are migrating from analogue broadcasting system to a digital broadcasting system. Some countries in the world have made this migration since a few years ago. America has decided to stop broadcasting analog television in 2009. In Asia, Singapore has launched the technology in 2004 and has been implemented in Malaysia in 2006 (Depkominfo, 2009). With so many countries are migrating to digital broadcasting system there are many business models can be referred for organizing digital television broadcasts. At this writing, will be reviewed several business models that are used in the world and then analyzed and the results can be a reference to determine the appropriate business model according to the organizers.


Hutabarat D. P. G. (2014). Tinjauan terhadap model bisnis penyelenggaraan penyiaran TV digital. ComTech, 5 (1), 485-494.


Business model, migration, digital broadcasting, television

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