Information System Quality: Industrial Engineering Perspectives on Servqual In Pharmaceutical Industry


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This paper constitutes discussion of background in the swift growth and development of science and technology as its theoretical aspects. In geographical unit analysis, it refers to the Global Competitiveness Index 2013- 2014, based upon World Economic Forum. The mentioned theoretical aspects are further equipped with the empirical aspects in Pharmaceutical Industry, as Industry unit analysis. The mentioned Industry in this paper explores the usage of ServQUAL as relates to Information System Quality, known as Hyperion and Oracle, in the case study of PT. Anugrah Argon Medica. The analysis in this paper provides also the analysis using ARENA Simulation Software. Simultaneously the ServQUAL is deemed as the methodology in this paper, using questionnaire with its 44 items and is divided into two sections, each section covering 22 questions to represent the perceived level analysis of employees and level of expectation. The result of this paper continues to the stage of questionnaire into the analysis of expectation versus perception level of users using existing information systems of the company as the case study. The mentioned results are related to the objectives of this paper to increase 33% as compare to the current systems to the appropriate level of information systems usage that eventually increase customer satisfaction.


Soebandrija K. E. N and Enrico. (2014). Information System Quality: Industrial Engineering Perspectives on Servqual In Pharmaceutical Industry. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 9 (24), 24579-24589.


Information System, ServQUAL, Pharmaceutical Industry, Industrial Engineering, Expectation versus Perception Level

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International Journal of Applied Engineering Research


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