Bresenham Algorithm: Implementation and Analysis in Raster Shape


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One of the most important aspect that have to solve in raster objects is to describe the structure of the individual objects and their coordinate locations within the scene. We required to implement the graphics output primitives. The Output primitives are very important since the performance of the graphics depend on the Primitives. Point positions and straight-line segments are the simplest geometric primitives. We focus on these parts in this research. In this paper we will implement and analysis how accurate and efficient raster line-generating algorithm, develop by Bresenham, that uses only incremental integer calculations. The implementation will be expanded to display circles and other curves. The analysis will be focus on numerical results, error produced, computation speed, and display. The language that used in this implementation is C++ with OpenGL.


Gaol D. F. L. (2013). Bresenham Algorithm: Implementation and Analysis in Raster Shape. Journal of Computer, 8 (1), 69-78.


Bresenham Algorithm, numerical result, error produced, computation speed, display, OpenGL

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Journal of Computer


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