Subscribers Load Balancing Implementation on Prepaid System


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Increasing the number of prepaid subscribers is the main objective of every telecom operator. Accordingly, the telecom operator must have the ability to improve the quality of services as the number of subscribers increases. One of the systems used by customer care is the prepaid subscribers administration system (SAS). The purpose of this paper was to implement subscribers load balancing that related to users satisfaction and system performance. The strategy and method that were employed to develop and implement the system as follows: data collection and analysis, preparation (includes dry run process to ensure proper functions), implementation process based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) method and enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTom) framework, and ultimately the final test and monitoring phase; the latter done to ensure system performance and user satisfaction


Pardamean B and Wirman M. D. R. (2014). Subscribers Load Balancing Implementation on Prepaid System. Internetworking Indonesia Journal, 6 (1), 15-21.


Subscribers Administration System, SAS, load balancing, prepaid system, ITIL, eTOM

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Internetworking Indonesia Journal


  • M. Dista Riza Wirman

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