Design of Mobile Robot with Navigation Based on Embedded Linux


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method of this research is by literature review method, experiment method and designing method. Analysis of the research will be done by collecting data and information from the reading of sensors that is used and compare the information that we get with the actual condition. The sensors are distance sensor IR Range, direction sensor digital compass module, camera and comparing latency of different Linux kernel. The result that we get are like the best reading distance of the distance sensor which is the IR Ranger are 3-30 cm, digital compass module can read the value of a direction and produce the value well if there is not any material that contains magnetism that can disturb the reading of digital compass module, camera can detect object well by their color and by using the result of IR Ranger reading and digital compass module, robot can work and move independently in tracing the way and keep distance with the object.


Azazi K, Andrean R, Wiedjaja, Muljoredjo H and Lukas J. (2015). Design of Mobile Robot with Navigation Based on Embedded Linux. Procedia Computer Science, 59 (1), 473-482.


Mobile Robot; Navigation; Embedded Linux

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Procedia Computer Science


Khafizuddin Azazi

  • Rendy Andrean
  • Wiedjaja
  • Ir. Handi Muljoredjo
  • Jonathan Lukas

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