Evaluation of Usability in Online Learning (SCOPUS)




Online learning is one of alternative to improve quality of teaching and learning process in higher education between lecturer and the students, esspecially for the working people with time and place as obstacles for them to continue their education to a higher level. One of the success factor in e-learning is good web usability. With the increasing number of users of e-learning and the importance of user satisfaction, it is necessary to evaluate e-learning web usability. This research discussed the usability of online learning in higher Education, especially Binus University. The purpose of this research is evaluating e-learning web usability by using USE questionnaire to survey e-learning perception from the users that can improve the quality of e-learning. The data collected during this research are using questionnaires with total 37 respondents which are online learning students. The USE Questionnaire based on several criterias, as Usefulness, Satisfaction, Ease of Learning and Ease of Use, then evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of data. The final results of this study conclude that Binus Online Learning still need improvement on ease of use and satisfaction categories so as to provide better usability to the users.


Pangestu H and Karsen M. (2017). Evaluation of Usability in Online Learning (SCOPUS). 2016 International Conference on Information Management and Technology (ICIMTech), 267-271. Bandung, Indonesia: IEEE


Learning, E-learning, Online learning, Evaluation, Usability

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2016 International Conference on Information Management and Technology (ICIMTech)


  • Marisa Karsen

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