The Framework of Home Remote Automation System based on Smartphone


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The purpose of this paper is creating a mobile app on a Smartphone device so that the user can control electronic devices; see the amount of flow that has been used in the amount of dollars, so the problem is the difficulty in saving electricity can be resolved. Development and design was done by collecting data using questionnaires to the respondents. Design method using observations, distributing questionnaires and to study literature, and then after that do the design in hardware (microcontroller) made United Modeling Language (UML), database design, code implementation and creation of user interfaces on IOS and Android. The result of this research is the implementation of a remote home automation application in mobile which can help users in order to control the home and determine the cost of electricity that has been used in every electronic device so that the optimization can be achieved.


Satria A, Priadi M. L, S.Si. L. A. W and Budiharto D. W. (2015). The Framework of Home Remote Automation System based on Smartphone. International Journal of Smart Home, 9 (1), 53-60.


Arduino, Automation, Home remote system, Microcontroller

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International Journal of Smart Home


Akbar Satria

  • Muhammad Luthfi Priadi
  • Lili Ayu Wulandhari S.Si.
  • Dr. Widodo Budiharto

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