Consumer preferences toward marine tourism area


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The rapid growing tourism movements for marine and island zone of tourism attraction, like the research object Pramuka Island as the very unique area natural marine biodiversity conservation, coral reef, and others various natural potentials. To develop this potential tourism destination, customer base marketing program need to attract domestic tourists as well as international tourists. The principal marketing action is to understand guest preferences toward the marine tourism activities and facilities. The purpose of this research is to investigate the key guest preferences toward marine tourism destination. The method used in this research is Cochran Q Test and Conjoint Analysis. Primary data obtained from visitor respondents. The paper identified shows there are detail tourists preferences base on five attributes considered the most important of existence by tourists on a tourism product are tourist activities, tourism attraction, type of accommodation, variety of food and type of souvenir. The paper provides marine tourism destination managers with useful guidance on the wider implications of marketing program implementation and tourism attraction improve projects and consolidates learning from a range of existing academic and industry research papers on measuring customer preferences toward marine tourism destination.


Fauziah S and Aryanto R. (2012). Consumer preferences toward marine tourism area. The Winners, 13 (2), 156-164.


tourism marketing, tourist preferences, marine tourism destination, conjoint analysis

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Silvy Fauziah

  • Rudy Aryanto

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