Design and implementation of modular home security system with short messaging system


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Today we are living in 21st century where crime become increasing and everyone wants to secure they asset at their home. In that situation user must have system with advance technology so person do not worry when getting away from his home. It is therefore the purpose of this design to provide home security device, which send fast information to user GSM (Global System for Mobile) mobile device using SMS (Short Messaging System) and also activate - deactivate system by SMS. The Modular design of this Home Security System make expandable their capability by add more sensors on that system. Hardware of this system has been designed using microcontroller AT Mega 328, PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion sensor as the primary sensor for motion detection, camera for capturing images, GSM module for sending and receiving SMS and buzzer for alarm. For software this system using Arduino IDE for Arduino and Putty for testing connection programming in GSM module. This Home Security System can monitor home area that surrounding by PIR sensor and sending SMS, save images capture by camera, and make people panic by turn on the buzzer when trespassing surrounding area that detected by PIR sensor. The Modular Home Security System has been tested and succeed detect human movement.


Budijono S, Andrianto J and Noor M. A. N. (2013). Design and implementation of modular home security system with short messaging system. EPJ Web of Conferences, 68 (25), 1-5.


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EPJ Web of Conferences


  • Jeffri Andrianto
  • Muhammad Axis Novradin Noor

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