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Rabbit livestock development has been started since the 80's and received a positive response from all walks of society and government officials in addressing nutrition fulfillment. The main obstacle in its development is still a psychological effect among men with cattle and rabbits in terms of cutting as well as to eat. On the other animals are prolific rabbit and bear a short distance so as to produce a sufficiently high number of children in a short time unit (per year) so that the meat is known as a reliable provider. Rabbit farm business other than as a fulfillment of nutrition (subsistence) needs the support to lead to market-oriented commercial enterprises. Have tried to do an intensive analysis of enterprise-scale rabbit breeding 20 males and 5 tails as a business producing meat and pelts for one year. The results of the economic analysis suggests that gains on the scale of the business amounted to Rp 9.206.200/tahun or Rp 767.183/bulan (in this calculation is carried out an assessment of the remaining rabbit pieces that have not aged, as in cash opnam remaining number of (young cattle).


Darman. (2011). Analisis Ekonomi Usaha Ternak Kelinci. Binus Business Review, 2 (2), 914-922.


economical analysis, rabbit, technology

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