Simulasi Pengepakan Bola menggunakan Metode Kepler Conjecture


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Packing the ball is important in everyday life, particularly those related to the packing of goods. Implementation of packing balls in real life too, are often less efficient, since most of the existing ball packing random. To optimize the packing balls in a limited space method proposed by Kepler Conjecture. This method was chosen because it has a relatively low density or larger and can fill a box-shaped container more efficiently and orderly. To solve the above problem was done by a simulation program. The results simulation program has been providing the output of packaging in the form of 3D models that can be manipulated to determine the optimal size of the container in a packaging.


Manik N. I and Setiadi M. (2010). Simulasi Pengepakan Bola menggunakan Metode Kepler Conjecture. MatStat, 10 (1), 45-52.


simulation, packing the ball, Kepler Conjecture

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Ngarap Imanuel Manik

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  • Marcellos Setiadi

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