A Personal Agents in Ubiquitous Environment: A Survey


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A personal agents can be implements in various areas. The previous work has been conducted in website and mobile in corresponding to information retrieval, mobile computing, and artificial intelligence.There are different methods and framework are proposed in previous research to obtain and enhance agents performance for better recommendations. This research aims to present comparison previous research based on personal agent in different areas for understanding of proposed framework design, architecture and its implementations. Personal agent can be applied to analyse and assisting in completing task especially for solving one purpose, and multi agents system can be applied at education, industrial, commercial, governmental, military, and entertainment applications for solving multi purposes.


Ricky M. Y and Gulo R. S. (2015). A Personal Agents in Ubiquitous Environment: A Survey. Procedia Computer Science, 59 (1), 459-467.


Personal Agent;Collaborative System; Intelligence Agent; Adaptive Agent.

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Procedia Computer Science


Michael Yoseph Ricky

Asisten Ahli

  • Robin Solala Gulo

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