Menyembuhkan Luka Batin dengan Memaafkan


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Healing the inner wounds by forgiveness is an indispensable step for the recovery of one's self so he/she can experience peace and prosperity. Both of patient (victim) and actors, they need to realize and to confess honestly and openly in order to health at he/she was actually suffering from the inner wounds that are embedded in the heart, which can even be experienced by a person since he/she was in the womb, and therefore need to be take immediate action to forgive. Considering that inner wounds is a problem that can be experienced by anyone and the resulting negative impact in one's life, then the research was conducted. The study, based on a literature review indicates that there is a strong correlation between inner wounds suffered by a person with a bad past experiences. Research also shows that the inner wounds that can be healed by forgiveness. The study is expected to be contributing to problem-solving inner wounds caused by a person's past by forgiveness.


Siregar C. (2012). Menyembuhkan Luka Batin dengan Memaafkan. Humaniora, 3 (2), 581-592.


healing, inner wounds, forgiving

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