Rancangan Pembuatan Program Pengujian Struktur Matematika Ring dan Field


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Along with the growth of human being thought and technology everything also becomes quickly. Therefore, a testing application program for field and ring was designed. This program could test a limited system of mathematics structure, on whether it represented field and ring. The process was done by including element at tables of Cayley which had been provided and later it can be obtained the end result of formulation conditions, was it including field and ring. The designed of testing application program on ring and field had run better and gave result which was equal to manual way. This application program was developed using Language programs of Delphi 6.0. with operating system of Microsoft Windows 2000 and this program could help tools to facilitate the mathematics structure testing that were more efficient on ring and field.


Manik N. I. (2008). Rancangan Pembuatan Program Pengujian Struktur Matematika Ring dan Field. MatStat, 8 (1), 1-14.


ring, field, mathematics structure, examination

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Ngarap Imanuel Manik

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