Excitation Mechanisms in 1 mJ Picosecond Laser Induced Low Pressure He Plasma and the Resulting Spectral Quality Enhancement


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We report in this paper the results of an experimental study on the spectral and dynamical characteristics of plasma emission induced by 1 mJ picoseconds (ps) Nd-YAG laser using spatially resolved imaging and time resolved measurement of the emission intensities of copper sample. This study has provided the experimental evidence concerning the dynamical characteristics of the excitation mechanisms in various stages of the plasma formation, which largely consolidate the basic scenarios of excitation processes commonly accepted so far. However, it is also clearly shown that the duration of the shock wave excitation process induced by ps laser pulses is much shorter than those observed in laser induced breakdown spectroscopy employing nanosecond laser at higher output energy. This allows the detection of atomic emission due exclusively to He assisted excitation in low pressure He plasma by proper gating of the detection time. Furthermore, the triplet excited state associated with He I 587.6 nm is shown to be the one most likely involved in the process responsible for the excellent spectral quality as evidenced by its application to spectrochemical analysis of a number of samples. The use of very low energy laser pulses also leads to minimal destructive effect marked by the resulted craters of merely about 10 lm diameter and only 10 nm deep. It is especially noteworthy that the excellent emission spectrum of deuterium detected from D-doped titanium sample is free of spectral interference from the undesirable ubiquitous water molecules without a precleaning procedure as applied previously and yielding an impressive detection limit of less than 10 lg/g. Finally, the result of this study also shows a promising application to depth profiling of impurity distribution in the sample investigated


Idris N, Lahna K, Abdulmadjid S. N, Ramli M, Suyanto H, Marpaung A. M, Pardede M, Jobiliong E, Hedwig D. R, Suliyanti M. M, Lie D. Z. S, Lie T. J, Kagawa K, Tjia M. O and Kurniawan K. H. (2015). Excitation Mechanisms in 1 mJ Picosecond Laser Induced Low Pressure He Plasma and the Resulting Spectral Quality Enhancement. AIP Journal of Applied Physics, 117 (22), 1-8.


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AIP Journal of Applied Physics


Nasrullah Idris

  • Kurnia Lahna
  • Syahrun Nur Abdulmadjid
  • Muliadi Ramli
  • Hery Suyanto
  • Alion Mangasi Marpaung
  • Marincan Pardede
  • Eric Jobiliong
  • Dr. Rinda Hedwig
  • Maria Margaretha Suliyanti
  • Dr.Eng. Zener Sukra Lie
  • Tjung Jie Lie
  • Kiichiro Kagawa
  • May On Tjia
  • Koo Hendrik Kurniawan

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