Prediksi Jumlah Penerimaan Siswa SMK Swasta Tahun Ajaran 2011/2012


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This study aims to determine prediction number of modern private Vocational High School (SMK) students in a province in Borneo with the approach of six forecasting methods: Linear Regression, Exponential Smoothing with Trend, Exponential Smoothing, Weighted Moving Average, Moving Average, and the Naive Method, besides using Manual calculation, the approach of QM for windows is used as a comparison. The result will be determined by the six forecasting methods which is used as a proper basis for the next calculating based on the smallest MAD (Mean Absolute Deviation) and MSE (Mean Squared Error) approach. The data in this study were made by the writer alone.


Sarjono H. (2012). Prediksi Jumlah Penerimaan Siswa SMK Swasta Tahun Ajaran 2011/2012. Binus Business Review, 3 (2), 923-933.


prediction of Vocational High School students, MAD, MSE, manual, QM for windows

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Binus Business Review


Haryadi Sarjono

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