Enhancing The Use of Digital Model with Team-Based Learning Approach in Science Teaching


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This study describes the introduction of digital models and teambased learning (TBL) for teaching science; in this case, the teaching of the magnetic induction portion of a physics class. This new approach required students' active construction of knowledge as both an individual and team. Students were asked to begin their studies through the viewing of digital models in videos through an online learning portal. Camtasia Studio was utilized in creating video contains class material and experiments along with the teacher's audio explanation. The TBL approach was implemented as the instructional strategy during in-class sessions. A portion of the classroom time was spent ensuring that students master the class material and a vast majority of class time was used for team assignments that focused on problem-based learning and simulating complex questions that the student would face as the course developed. The utilization of digital models and TBL improved the students' ability to learn independently and to present their ideas coherently, transforming them into more engaged, independent learners, not just in science learning but also in their overall academic experience.


Pardamean B, Suparyanto T, Suyanta, Masli E and Donovan J. (2014). Enhancing The Use of Digital Model with Team-Based Learning Approach in Science Teaching. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8407 (1), 267-276.


Team-Based Learning, TBL, digital model, science teaching

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Lecture Notes in Computer Science


  • Teddy Suparyanto
  • Suyanta
  • Eryadi Masli
  • Jerome Donovan

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