Testing of Rings and Fields Using A Computer Program


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Abstract algebra is the study of algebraic structures. Some branches of algebraic structures, such as groups, rings, fields are difficult to learn and less desirable due to the abstract characteristic. To help facilitate the learning process of algebraic structures so that it becomes more attractive, an application of a computer program is developed to help the testing of algebraic structures. By this application, testing of algebraic structures is expected to be easier, faster, and more accurate than manual testing. The application uses Cayley table as a bridge between users and the program. The application limited to testing of algebraic structures of rings, commutative rings, division rings, fields, sub-rings, ideals, homomorphisms, epimorphisms, monomorphisms, and isomorphisms by using Java, an open source based programming language. Test results of the application program for the topic showed correct results with a relatively short processing time compared to manual testing.


Manik D. N. I, Dewi F. F and tasman d. (2014). Testing of Rings and Fields Using A Computer Program. Journal of Software, 9 (5), 1141-1150.


ring, field, ideal, homomorphism, abstract algebra , Cayley

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Journal of Software


  • Fransisca Fortunata Dewi
  • don tasman

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