Penghapusan Shūshinkoyō (終身雇用) Menjadi Fenomena Muenshakai (無縁社会)


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Muenshakai is the phenomenon of Japanese society relations relationship disappears and a growing community who live alone live. This is the case of the abolition of the system of work shūshinkoyō (終身雇用) in about 1990, declining marriage rates, divorce, and birth rates are declining (少子 化) also led to the formation of muenshakai. People who live alone are generally elderly are ultimately no relatives who can take care or a visit to his home. When they are sick, even died in the residence or in a public place, no one wants his family defray hospital, funeral, and burial.


Prabowo R. M. (2013). Penghapusan Shūshinkoyō (終身雇用) Menjadi Fenomena Muenshakai (無縁社会). Lingua Cultura, 7 (2), 74-79.


muenshakai, family / household, death

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Lingua Cultura


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