Android Based Area Web Monitoring


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The research objective is to develop an application that can be used in the monitoring of an area by using a webcam. It aims to create a sense of security on the user's application because it can monitor an area using mobile phone anywhere. The results obtained in this study is to create an area with a webcam monitoring application that can be accessed anywhere as long as the monitoring results have internet access and can also be accessed through Android Based Mobile Phone


Kanigoro B, Salman A. G, Moniaga J. V, Chandra E and Chandra Z. R. (2013). Android Based Area Web Monitoring. EPJ Web of Conferences, 68 (2), 1-4.


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EPJ Web of Conferences


Bayu Kanigoro


  • Afan Galih Salman
  • Jurike V. Moniaga
  • Eric Chandra
  • Zein Rezky Chandra

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